As President of the NAACP Columbus Branch, I welcome you to our branch’s new website.

It is an honor to lead the Columbus NAACP Branch as we continue to promote social justice and fight for equality through civic advocacy initiatives. We are committed to improving the political, educational, social, and economic status of minorities and to eliminating racial prejudice through educating the public on the adverse effects of racism.

Since its founding in 1909, the NAACP remains the largest and most actively engaged civil
rights organization in the country. We are proud of our continued growth and sustainability despite seeming insurmountable challenges and opposition to our social justice agenda. The primary focus of the NAACP continues to be the protection and enhancement of the civil rights, equal justice and fair treatment for all people.

Our journey for justice and equality is still relevant today. It is our goal to serve and preserve
positive relationships with our local community. We will continue to uphold the mission and
vision of the Association, and I look forward to all the wonderful work that we will accomplish

As a volunteer organization, all of our advocacy initiatives are implemented by our members
who generously donate their time. As our branch grows, we welcome progressive minded
individuals that are committed to achieving social justice in our city.

Membership is the “Life Blood of the Association,” and is the guiding force of the Columbus
Branch. We cannot achieve our mission without it. Your NAACP membership is more than a
contribution. I invite you to please join the NAACP and become an Active Member!
You will be joining a team that is honored to uphold the traditions and responsibilities of the
nation’s oldest grassroots civil rights organization.

Wane A. Hailes.
Columbus, GA. NAACP